UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge 2014

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This year’s Computational Thinking Competition will take place during the week beginning 10th November 2014.

The UK Competition is open to schools from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and English speaking International Schools around the World.

The age groups are:
6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-18
(2014 is a pilot year for the two youngest age groups.)

I have some fantastic news – after a very successful pilot last year due in no small part to the support of CAS, we have now secured the support of Oxford University Computer Science department and sponsorship from the Raspberry Pi Foundation and ARM Holdings Ltd. This means that again the competition will be FREE to enter for all students and I hope that we will be able to put some cool logos and a more impressive signature on the certificates for those students that enter. For the top achieving students in the country we hope to offer a Prize Giving ceremony at some point after the competition and maybe later in the year a second round.

There will be some slight changes to the competition based on feedback from last year’s pilot and my visit to Lithuania to see how other countries run the competition. Generally though, it will follow the same format. One change I would like to share straight away is a new name:

UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

If you entered last year or have already registered this year you should have received an email from me today.

If you are thinking of entering students for the first time this year please put the date in your diary and visit the website here:
for further details.

The reason for making this competition free is so that you can enter ALL your students should you wish. If you entered students last year you will already be able to compare data from two years and start to look at the impact of the new curriculum.

Did I mention you will be able to fit the competition into normal lessons (it takes 45mins) and will not need to mark anything or post anything – you will get full answers and your results itemised by question per student within two weeks!

To see last year’s competition (which is now self-marking with instant results) visit this link:
2013 Competition
(no registering or logging in required.)