Coderdojo Moray

coderdojo scotland logoCoderdojo Moray usually meets monthly at Moray College in Elgin. Tickets are free and available through Eventbrite by looking up the keywords coderdojo moray eventbrite.
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October  2015
Coderdojo Moray Meeting
Seventeen Enthusistic Coderdojo Moray members met at Moray College, Elgin. The club now has seven refurbished laptops thanks to Reboot  in Forres. On each laptop there is now a set of free educational resources to teach coding and Game Design including Scratch, Kodu, Notepad (++), Gamemaker Studio,  Greenfoot, Blender and Open Office.

Official Raspberry Pi logoScratch Cat logoSeptember 2015
Science and Ingenuity Fair
As part of the Culture Day Event Coderdojo Moray took part in a Science and Ingenuity Fair alongside T-Exchange (a local Makerspace group).  The event was attended by over 750 people of all ages. Coderdojo Moray members shared their computing knowledge with visitors and helped other young people to see how easy and how much fun learning to code can be.

June 2015
This meeting we looked at the Gamemaker Studio Game Design programme. There was also an opportunity to use the Lego Mindstorms kits.

lego logo

May 2015
Theme- Lego Mindstorms. Created two working robots using two Lego Mindstorms kits. Used the Mindstorms software to control the movement of the robots around a maze.

April 2015

Theme- Gamemaker Studio using online tutorials. Looked at the Gamemaker Interface and how to add sprites and backgrounds. We also looked at controlling the movement of each sprite using object controllers and creating a room to add the sprites into the game.

Notepad++_Logo This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licenseFebruary 2015
Learning how to create a website using HTML and Notepad ++, what makes a well designed website, winter themed coding and computing activities for Scratch. We also looked at Raspberry Pis, how to set to them up and what we can do on them.

January 2015

Hunted Cow Studios Visit

Visited the Hunted Cow Game Creation Studio in Elgin. Andrew Mulholland, one of the owners kindly showed us around his Game Development studios. The Coderdojo members were able to see all the different roles and skills needed to create an online computer game including coders, 2D /3D designers, Project manager, PHP coders, mobile app desingers and Marketing.

November 2014
Workshop demonstration of Lego Mindstorms Robots by Scott Boyle from TExchange and ATOS. The Coderdojo members were able to see how to code the robot using the Lego Software.

Python logo

October 2014
Creating Turtle Graphics using Python presented by Dr Ian Barnes from Moray College. we learnt how to code using the free computer coding language, Python. 

September 2014
Science and Ingenuity Fair 2014
Coderdojo members had a table at the Tolbooth in Forres  to share the computing skills with the hundreds of visitors which attended the Forres-wide Culture Day events.

August 2014
Looking at Computer Algorithms, setting up Raspberry Pi kits and coding Pis with Scratch Computer Programming Language.

June 2014
Python language, Raspberry Pi and other coding activities.

Horizon Scotland Family Fun Day
Open to all, this all day event attracted hundreds of people. Coderdojo Moray members had a table in one room at the event to introduce young people to coding. There were also Raspberry Pis and robots among the other technologies on display in the room.

Scratch Cat logoOfficial Raspberry Pi logoApril 2014
On Saturday April 26th 2014 Moray College hosted two Computing clubs for under 18s in Moray. It was the first meeting for the younger Coderdojo Moray for 9-11 year olds. A mixed group of enthusiastic girls and boys came to learn coding using the free Scratch programming language. In the afternoon there was a mixed group of 12-17 year olds. Both clubs had an opportunity to set up Raspberry pi mini-computers and to code using the free coding language, Python.

Marc2014- CAS Coding Fun Factory- part of the Moray Science Festival details here

January 2014
Moray College hosted its first Coderdojo on Saturday 18th January 2014. Twelve enthusiastic young people, aged between 12-17 years, signed up on the Coderdojo Scotland website for the two hour computer coding club.

The theme of the first club was web design. Each of the coding club members was able to create their own multimedia website using notepad++ adding images, music, cartoons and Google maps. They have asked for the following in future club meetings:- Video and picture editing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Advanced Web Design, Game programming (e.g. Scratch, C++).

During each Coderdojo session some time is spent learning a new skill e.g learning to create a game in the Scratch programming language and then they can choose between extending their knowledge of the new skill area or doing their own coding work. If they wish, Club members can bring in their own laptop and work on that. This allows others to ask questions and share ideas.