HAGGIS reference language

New HAGGIS Documentation Site for N5 and Higher Pupils

http://docs.haggis.site is a website produced by a senior CS pupil with everything a student needs to know about the reference language itself. To provide a great user experience they have taken basic concepts into consideration such as syntax highlighting, providing standard algorithm examples and allowing the user to run those code samples and receive the output. All of this is presented on a modern, responsive website. The whole ethos is to make becoming familiar with HAGGIS before the final exam a lot easier, and having one resource for everything rather than referring to multiple documents.

They’re currently working on an desktop IDE which allows pupils to run their HAGGIS code and receive the output. This will be a great way for pupils to learn the differences between the reference language and the programming language they’ve been learning in class. It will also give teachers another method of checking their examples correctly follow the rules in addition to the online HAGGIS code checker at http://haggis4sqa.appspot.com/. This online checker is due to be replaced by a newer version with support for OO after the summer.