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Craft the Curriculum Higher Computing Science Activities

Four new activities to support the teaching of the new Higher Computing Science qualification have now been finalised and published on the Glow Computing Science site and the CAS Community website. These activities were created at a unique series of Craft the Curriculum events that brought together Computing teachers, Academics and members of the IT industry and cover a range of more challenging parts of the new Higher.

The activities are

  • Server Side Scripting– a cooperative learning activity that demonstrates how different parts of an online system generates static and dynamically generated web pages.
  • Data Modelling and ER diagrams– a group based investigation which explores how data is organised and stored in social networking sites and introduces learners to entities, attributes and relationships.
  • Files, Records and Open Data– an investigation into what open data is and how programs can load and process large amounts of data to generate new insights using file handling and arrays of records.
  • Parameter Passing in Modular Programs– a cooperative learning activity that demonstrates how data is passed into and out of subroutines in a modular program.

Two more activities on Cloud Computing and Usability and Accessibility will be finalised and published before the end of September.