CAS Scotland Committee

Currently the committee is:

  • Mark Tennant (Co-chair)
  • Quintin Cutts (Co-chair)
  • Peter Donaldson (Membership Secretary)
  • Kate Farrell
  • Charlie Love
  • Claire Griffiths
  • Andy McSwan
  • Ian Simpson
  • Craig Henderson
  • Jane Paterson
  • Jan Holt
  • Calum Dunlop

Anyone who is interested in volunteering can join the committee. Specific roles are decided jointly by the committee.

How can I get involved with helping run CAS Scotland?

We would welcome anyone who would like to join the committee. Your involvement can be as big or small as you like. Most of our committee meetings are ‘virtual’ using Google Hangout, so very little travelling is involved.  We use various online collaboration tools (dropbox, trello, etc) to organise work.  We also meet in person occasionally so if you would like to come along and join us (or even pop along and chat with us about our future plans) then you would be very welcome.  Email any of the current committee if you’d like to know more.