CAS Scotland Achievements

So far the major achievements have been:


  • Organised and delivered four national Computing conferences.
  • Organised and delivered three national launch events for the PLAN C programme.
  • Organised and delivered four lead teacher hubs for the PLAN C programme.
  • Supported hundreds of PLAN C local hub meetings across Scotland.


  • Conducted a national survey of CPD needs.
  • Conducted a national survey on CS in the Broad General Education phase.
  • Conducted a national survey on coursework assessment for the new Computing Science qualifications.
  • Performed a freedom of information request to councils on the number of active Computing teachers they have.


Created a public facing website to help communicate what we’re doing (


  • Created a briefing paper for Universities about why Computing in schools is important and why it should matter to them.
  • Convinced two thirds of the Universities of Scotland to add Higher Computing Science to the UCAS recommended column and to highlight that it’s a qualification that they value.


  • Helped to highlight the difficulties and encourage SDS to include education as a key part of the £6.6m Skills Investment Plan.
  • Created a briefing paper for MSP’s to highlight the challenges currently facing CS education in Scottish schools.


  • Taken part in Education Scotland’s CS Advisory group meetings.
  • Shared and discussed our findings on coursework assessment with the SQA.

Support for Teachers

  • Created two general CAS regional hubs that have met several times already.
  • Created several Scottish specific issues of Switched On.
  • Created an organised collection of some of the best free secondary level Computing curricular materials and websites from sources around the world (USBs given away free at the conference).

Professional Learning And Networking for Computing (PLAN C)

  • Created a proposal and secured funding for a national programme of CPD that is Computing specific and pedagogy focused.
  • Reviewed 3 decades of CS Education research to create a programme of materials to introduce teachers to techniques that can help accelerate novices understanding and ability to work with code.
  • Trained 51 lead teachers running 25 local hubs across Scotland within reasonable distance of 29 local authorities.
  • Came runner up in the Informatics Europe 2015 award for the PLAN C programme.