About Us

What is Computing At School?

CAS Scotland logoComputing at School aims to promote the teaching of computer science at school. CAS is a grass roots organisation, whose energy, creativity, and leadership comes from its members. We are a collaborative partner with the BCS through the BCS Academy of Computing, and has formal support from other industry partners. Membership is open to everyone, and is very broad, including teachers, parents, governors, exam boards, industry, professional societies, and universities. We speak for the discipline of computing at school level and not for any particular interest group.

CAS seeks to work at many levels, including

  • Directly supporting teachers who are excited by computing, by providing them with teaching materials, training, local hubs, newsletters and the opportunity to meet with like-minded colleagues.
  • Acting as a Subject Association for computing teachers.
  • Working at an institutional level, for example in Scotland by working with Education Scotland, the Scottish Government, SQA, SICSA, RSE and ScotlandIS.
  • Advocacy at national policy level.

Formally, CAS is part of the BCS Academy, and in due course CAS members will automatically (and cheaply) be members of BCS. This provides a supportive institutional framework but does not threaten CAS’s autonomy or grass-roots style. CAS is internally governed by the CAS Board, formed from the membership.

How does CAS Scotland fit in to CAS?

CAS Scotland is a branch of CAS. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have groups of volunteers looking at the specific needs of their members, tailored to fit the different education systems around the country. These national branches each have at least one representative on the CAS Board and attend the national Working Group meetings twice a year. In Scotland our representative on the CAS Board is Kate Farrell.

How is CAS Scotland funded?

At the moment, the BCS fund the expenses and travel costs for CAS Scotland. They also very kindly give us a budget to help run our annual conference, which covers the travel and hotel costs of our invited speakers. CAS and CAS Scotland don’t have a separate bank account (and because of this, we don’t have a treasurer).

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