2014 Full Report into Computing Science Teachers in Scotland

Our full 2014 Report on Computing Science teachers in Scottish schools has been launched and can also be downloaded from the new documents section of the site.

Key findings from this report are

  • There has been a drop of 14% in Computing Science teachers over the last two years.
  • 12% of schools do not have a Computing Science teacher.
  • Low uptake, staff leaving and a need to reduce staffing were reasons given by some Local Authorities for the reduction.
  • Some comments demonstrated a lack of understanding of the difference between ICT and Computing Science.
  • 10 of the 32 Local Authorities have had problems recruiting Computing Science teachers.
  • Many Schools claim to be delivering Computing Science outcomes across the curriculum, but there is evidence of confusion with ICT skills.
  • 43 schools are not in a position to offer Certificate-level Computing Science courses.
  • The target for PGDE Computing Science students (25) has not been met in 2014.
  • ITE institutions are not getting enough quality applicants.

Details from the report led to the publication of the following articles in the TES and Herald newspapers on Friday the 21st of November.